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Kaye-Ree Band at Opening Ceremony for Frankfurt's new Altstadt

The last world war destroyed not only a lot of people's lives but also a big part of old cities and buildings. Germany's financial capital is one of the cities that got hit pretty hard.

Frankfurt took the time, money and energy to finally build back their beautiful old part of the city the way it used to look like before the war with the help of old pictures and stories of Frankfurt's people. 

Kaye-Ree is bringing new vibes to the stage on the bass, accompanied by her long-time co-writer and guitarist Felix Justen, the amazing Tabla player Kio Nawab and her brother Amir Eftekhari on the drums. Together they'll present new songs of their third album Growth that will be released 2019! 

Be ready to be taken on a soulful journey with Kaye-Ree....

See you there!