“Life happened”, Adele once said when she became a mother, which caused her to take a short break of her music career. So it happened to Kaye-Ree after releasing her second album “New Air” in 2013 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Japan! The rest of the world was supposed to receive their music, which was recorded in a 432Hz frequency, the following year. Now Kaye-Ree decided with her team to re-release both of her albums internationally in 2018, together with a songbook of “New Air”, published by Musik-Trekel, Hamburg.

Kaye-Ree’s co-composer Felix Justen, the classically trained and well known guitarist, fulfilled his own dream and wrote down all the music notations, together with Kaye-Ree’s lyrics, to make it possible for fans and other musicians to learn their songs of “New Air”.
While the world gets to enjoy their work of their past 15 years of collaboration, Felix Justen and Kaye-Ree will be writing and releasing new songs throughout the year on their own Indie Label “Reelement Records”.

So, get ready…Kaye-Ree’s music is available again in every online-shop and on stage!!!