The "New Air" Songbook is out now!!!

Nothing seems less likely than the musical cooperation of a soul singer with Persian roots and a HipHop and R’n’B past (Kaye-Ree) and a classical guitarist and song accompanist.

And yet, thanks to the efforts of some “good souls” and our openness to new and foreign ways, the unthinkable became reality.

This new path was the return to my beginning guitar times: searching and finding new sounds and rhythms far away from old idols or clichés. For Kaye they were and still are the material for lyrical and poetic texts and melodies. The improvised pieces that transformed into our first songs developed in a difficult time for me, were expression of a turning point in my life, but they had remained "songs without words" until we had met.

Absolutely astonishing to me was and is the translation of my emotions in these pieces, into melody and lyrics written by Kaye. This kind of work procedure has been the same until today. I write guitar pieces and Kaye adds lyrics and melody to them.

The results are, as the press critics call it, a unique mix of poetic lyric, romantic but also jazzy-groovy soul music, that we play together with our fabulous tabla player Kiomars Nawab and our drummer Amir Eftekhari.

We perform our music throughout Europe, from London’s Ronnie Scott to Brussels, Milan, Cannes and Paris, Mallorca ... all the way to the USA, e. g. New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta in Live-Clubs or Concert Halls.

Our musical focus is on authenticity, non commercial and aside of mainstream and trends.

Our two albums “Endless Melody“ (2009, Reevolution Records) und “New Air“ (2013, Reelement Records), bear our signature and are not influenced by big record companies, but are independently produced and published by ourself.

We hope that this book finds many enthusiastic singer and guitarists to carry our music through the world. 

This songbook includes the songs of our second album “New Air”, except the song “Trust me”. The last song “Angels” appears here the way we play it live.

Felix Justen, November 2017 

Feel free to order the songbook here or directly through Trekel Music!

Kaye Ree