Kaye-Ree is back on tour.....

On tour with her new songs and her new band

Kaye-Ree is on fire, now with her new band, new songs, new vibes packed up! Come out and enjoy an emotional, entertaining and joyful show!

The persian/german singer and her band perform from the heart and play a mix of old and new songs of Kaye-Ree’s 16 year old career…from her “Endless Melody”, bringing you “New Air” and help your own personal “Growth” by displaying her inner soul in her music.

Come out and feel taken on a journey through many different cultures and life stories…

If you would like to book Kaye-Ree and her band or just her with her guitarist, feel free to contact us here at booking@kaye-ree.com

Happy 2019!

Reelement Records

Kaye Ree